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Established in 1985, Centreline Machine Guards is a leading manufacturer of machine safety solutions for industry. We manufacture innovative designs that increase the safety levels and production capabilities of our clients across industries. With our in-depth knowledge of safe working practices, we are uniquely positioned to advise our clients in all aspects of bespoke safety applications.

At Centreline Machine Guards, we offer a complete turn-key service from the initial conceptual design through to manufacture, complemented by detailed technical knowledge on every step of the process. By implementing bespoke designs and high standards, we are proud to have worked with a wide-range of industries from SME's to multinational automotive, robotic, and tooling manufacturers.

Located in the heart of the United Kingdom, we are strategically located to support the growing demands of industries nationwide and internationally, offering a complete design, manufacture, and installation service. We have the production capability to manufacture from a wide-range of engineering materials this includes steel, aluminium, polycarbonate, and PIR.

Our design process is a ‘hands on’ collaboration between Centreline Machine Guards and our customers, developing bespoke product solutions to the highest of standards. All our designs can be provided in 2D and 3D visualisation on request, this offers a unique capability to see how the product will integrate and function.

why safeguard Machines?

Within every workplace, there is some level of hazard that requires safeguard applications. For industrial and assembly workers the human interaction with moving machinery creates dangers that can injure, maim, or kill a person. Every employee within a facility must adhere to a strict set of safety regulations to maintain a safe working environment. The HSE has a bulk of safety regulation conformitys that all workplaces must follow. All machinery that has the potential to injure the operator or other workers must be safeguarded to control or eliminate the hazard.

Safeguards have key fundamentals that increase workplace safety; these are to detect or prevent entry to dangerous areas while eliminating hazards before they can present a danger. According to the OSHA, the following machinery locations require necessary safeguards to remain compliant:

  • The point of operation.
  • All parts of the machine which move, such as:
    • Flywheels, pulleys, belts, couplings, chains, cranks, gears.
    • Feed Mechanisms and auxiliary parts of the machine. 
  • In-running nip points.
  • To contain potential flying debris or sparks exiting a machine.

Along with the installation of machine guarding, workers should be trained to operate machinery to be as safe as possible. With the correct installation of safeguards helps employees feel more comfortable that the machinery in operation is safe, this achieves increases in productivity and reduced injuries.

The safeguarding that machinery requires can widely differ due to the changing environment, operation, and production requirements of manufacturing. Clients benefit from the bespoke manufacturing service we provide as their safeguard solution is tailored to their specifications and needs. 

Benefits of safeguards!

Why is it important?

Data Source: HSE - HSE


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