Fixed Steel Guarding

Product Overview

We are established experts in the field of Fixed Steel Guarding. With over 32 years of industry experience, we help out clients find the right solution for their facility from initial 3D design, manufacture, and install. 

Centreline Fixed Steel Guarding Provides optimum protection for operators and passers-by from any object exciting a machine that could potentially course serious harm. If you would like to find out more on why guarding systems are so important for industrial workplace safety and law adherence, please click here

Each guarding system we produce is manufactured to the clients bespoke specifications. A bespoke guarding solution ensures the correct system is produced that is specifically designed to the clients set requirements.  

Our Steel Guarding is produced for a wide variety of industry sectors that includes automotive, tooling, nuclear power, and original equipment manufacturers. Some of the common guarding systems we produce include conveyor guards, robotic guards, cell guards and welding cell guarding.

Centreline can deliver a high-quality and cost-effective guarding solution for various industries. Whether a client has clear specifications or requires consultancy, we provide a valued service on all aspects of the project. Where possible, we aim to offer advice that optimises and increases the efficiency of the guarding system been installed.

For infill options, Fixed Steel Guarding supports welded or woven mesh, sheet steel, and polycarbonate or a mixture of all three. We can work with most engineering materials.

Product integration

  • At Centreline, we design our systems to support continuous facility enhancements. 
  • By purchasing a Centreline custom machine guarding system our team can design around any components. 
  • Products from our range offering integration compatibility with Fixed Steel Guarding Section are Roller Doors, Pneumatic Rise and Fall Doors, Conveyor System, Platforms, and safety features.

Colour selection

  • Our Fixed Steel Guarding is coated within our in-house powder coating facility delivering a durable and hard-wearing finish.
  • We have an extensive range of RAL colours available to support all specification requirements.

Design And Consultancy   

    • CAD drawings can be developed in both 2D and 3D visualisations at request.
    • No obligation On-site surveys using over 32 years of industry expertise.
    • As an industry expert, we can help explore your options and offer independent advice.
    • Bespoke designs compliant with the latest industry standards.


    • Our team supports clients from the earliest stages of design, through to installation and sign off.
    • Installations are carried out by our dedicated teams to ensure the optimum quality of our service.
    • Installation services offered worldwide.
    • Aftercare support comprising of extended warranty, spares, maintenance, and service packages tailored to the needs of the client.