Industrial Roller Doors 

At Centreline, we manufacture a variety of interior Roller Door systems for industry and advanced manufacturing. Our Industrial Rapid Roller Doors are uniquely designed for machine guarding applications that require fast, safe and frequent opening capabilities. Each system can be manually operated, semi-automatic or completely automated creating safe access to machinery and robotic simulations. Common installation areas include feeding automated cells, moving within zones, and on automated production lines. 

For the development of our new Cell Protection Rapid Roller Door, key technical partnerships with leading automotive and specialist manufacturing companies where made to ensure our systems meet the ever-evolving needs of industry.  Our new smart Rapid Roller Door implements an innovative, unique design featuring a light beams safety system along the door aperture, a 1.3-second operation cycle speeds, Ethernet compatibility, touch buttons, and a digital LED display for production tracking and information notices. 

We manufacture our Roller Doors in a variety of widths and heights.  Each system can be a stand-alone unit with no further need for support frames. See below for our range of curtain options:

  • Flame retardant
  • Filled slatted rolls
  • Transparent

The roller door framework is manufactured from a sheet steel construction with the top cassette frame using mild steel RHS with end plates for the motor and bearing components. Each system incorporates off the shelf technology for lower operational costs.

Our systems are designed in accordance to current mechanical and electrical installation safety compliances. Speak with our technical team to access our Sistema report for the complete capability report on the new Ethernet ready Rapid Roller system.



Safety features

  • The new Ethernet ready Rapid Roller Door uses a light beam curtain system hidden within its frame. This feature provides a lighting fast reaction times to objects detected within its field.
  • All our other models are fitted with pressure sensitive safe edge safety strips to give incredibly fast reaction times.
  • Our Roller Door systems can be synchronized with interlocking devices and additional control systems depending on the needs of the client.

Product integrations

  • Roller Door systems are one part of a guarding installation, designed to provide efficient, rapid loading/unloading access capabilities.
  • Centreline design and manufacturer numerous safeguard products that prevent access and exposure to areas not protected by our Roller Door systems.
  • Each Roller Door system can be completely integrated into any advanced manufacturing production line.
  • Our new systems can feature a LED digital screen to display a key information. 

 Design And Consultancy   

  • CAD drawings can be developed in both 2D and 3D visualisations at request.
  • No obligation on-site surveys using over 32 years of industry expertise.
  • As an industry expert, we can help explore client options and offer independent advice.
  • Tailored made designs compliant with the latest industry standards.


  • Our team supports clients from the earliest stages of design, through to installation and sign off.
  • To ensure the optimum quality of our systems installations can be carried out by our in-house teams.
  • We carry out installations nationwide and internationally.
  • Aftercare support comprising of extended warranty, spares, maintenance, and service packages tailored to the client's needs.